Executive leadership programs

Our executive leadership programs are called “Simulations”. They are learning experiences, nothing like you have ever experienced before. 

The Simulation is an intensive, four-day educational program that is equivalent to a two-week academic course. The program uses powerful, unconventional and creative methods of delivery that engage participants in an enlightening and enjoyable journey. The size of the group per session is designed to maximize interaction and personalized feedback.

The Simulation can either take the form of public sessions or private organizational (in-house) sessions upon request.

The Simulation is a carefully designed blend of top academic content, extensive corporate practices and learning through experience. The content focuses on a wide range of topics that address key issues vital to personal and organizational growth and connect to worldwide audiences from various industries, backgrounds and levels.

Themes that are covered include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership Open or Close
    • The word leadership has been overused that the true meaning of it has gotten lost
    • Our sessions will explore and challenge your current beliefs on Leadership.
    • Through experiential dynamics and guided discussions, you will have a unique chance to assess their leadership interventions in a risk-free environment.
  • Personal and corporate purpose Open or Close
    • How do you expect to lead without a clear sense of direction and an understanding of the reasons behind your actions (the WHY)?
    • Our sessions put you on a quest to finding your purpose on a personal and professional basis.
    • Realizing its importance will provide meaning to your work, focus and guide the decisions you take and help you mobilize people around you.
  • The core of strategy Open or Close
    • Strategic thinking is much more than setting plans and trying to predict the future.
    • You will understand the fundamentals of high-level strategic thinking (from conception to execution)
    • You will also get exposed to experiential tools to assess the quality of your own leadership interventions and ways to adapt them to fit your purpose.
  • Decision-making Open or Close
    • How do you or your organization make decisions? What are the main drivers behind your choices?
    • Our sessions explore the complex components of the decision-making process to ultimately help you make more responsive and effective decisions for yourself and the systems you are part of.
  • Understanding oneself and others Open or Close
    • How can you expect to exercise leadership if you don’t know yourself and others?
    • Our sessions help you gain a deeper understanding of your personal story (your patterns of behavior, the areas in which you are stuck, your blind spots, your reactions to stress and conflict, your core assets and how to build on them,...)
    • They also uncover how others perceive you (their motivations, the way they relate to you,…)
    • This awareness will help you build more functional relationships in your personal, professional and social spheres
  • Relational intelligence Open or Close
    • The quality of relationships with ourselves, loved ones, and society determines the level of fulfillment we experience in life - and it is also directly reflected in our professional productivity and career development.
    • Billions of dollars and countless business hours are wasted in organizations because of unnecessary problems that are caused by a lack of understanding of how to lead relationships internally and with the market.
    • Our sessions will help you enhance personal and organizational relationships and solve unnecessary conflicts/tensions. It is a gift of awareness that you and others around you deserve.
  • Authority Open or Close
    • Dealing with authority is not a matter of choice; it is a matter of survival.
    • The quality of relationships with your bosses and subordinates not only determines your level of fulfillment at work, but is also reflected in your professional productivity.
    • Our programs will highlight the fundamentals of building and sustaining thriving relationships with authority. It will help you solve many unnecessary conflicts/tensions, and create pleasant and productive working environments.
  • Group dynamics and systems of organizations Open or Close
    • Most companies fail or get stuck because of the lack of internal harmony, synergy and purpose rather than for technical reasons.
    • What are the real reasons systems fail? What are the costs of ignoring the dynamics of systems?
    • You will gain a deeper understanding of the complex nature of systems: their characteristics, culture, components, and default behaviors.
    • You will never see your company the same way again!
  • Managing organizational/corporate politics Open or Close
    • How aware are you of the power dynamics in your organization?
    • Our sessions will help you lead through political awareness and uncover the map of networks and political relationships that form at the top levels of any system.
    • It will guide you through the dangers and resistance of adaptive leadership work. You will learn how to manage systems’ expectations and threats in a strategic and responsive way, and build alliances that will ensure your survival.
  • Leading adaptive change Open or Close
    • Leadership work and change are never easy; resistance will always follow.
    • This session will provide you with the tools to navigate responsively through this delicate environment. It will examine the relationship between leadership, systems and adaptive change.
    • You will be introduced to the practice of ‘adaptive leadership’ and will gain analytical tools to diagnose the on-going stream of problems you encounter in your organization or personal life.
    • You will also be given tools to solve these problems and to successfully build an adaptive culture.

All topics in the Simulation can be customized to fit organizations’ needs and timing preferences, and are provided in the form of modules that can stretch from a two-hour keynote speech up to a 4-day extensive program.

Personalized follow-ups extend after the leadership simulations to keep the learning fresh in participants’ minds. Without support and refreshers, participants tend to revert back to their default patterns.

Following their participation, attendees join an alumni community that serves as a solid support system.